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The power of writing on paper

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Recently a friend posted on Facebook about getting a handwritten thank you card and how rare that is. I love getting snail mail. I may well end up being the last person in my group of friends and family to send out paper Christmas cards. I also love writing accessories–pens, stamps, stickers, and address labels. I read an article the other day stating that one of the things you can give up in your 50s to gain freedom is sending out Christmas cards; the writer opined firmly, “No one really wants them any more” – I disagree. I saw another article declaring that cursive handwriting is a dead, unneeded skill. I hope it isn’t true!

I like Facebook, for the ubiquitous pet pictures and photos of my friends, their grandkids, vacations, etc. And of course e-books are great; the excellent writer Margaret Drabble recently wrote an article in praise of them (5/23 Guardian). But paper books and paper cards are never going out of style as far as I’m concerned. An e-birthday card or greeting is better than none, of course, but don’t you love opening an envelope hand-addressed to you by someone who took the time to choose a card and send it?