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Not Quite Spring in Maine

It’s still in the 30s here and we had snow showers last night.  I do see tiny buds on my forsythia, and a few brave crocuses have appeared.  April is National Poetry Month;  readings and celebrations are in bloom. Here is a  spring poem by Philip Larkin.


The trees are coming into leaf

Like something almost being said;

The recent buds relax and spread,

Their greenness is a kind of grief.


Is it that they are born again

And we grow old? No, they die too,

Their yearly trick of looking new

Is written down in rings of grain.


Yet still the unresting castles thresh

In fullgrown thickness every May.

Last year is dead, they seem to say,

Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

forsythia 5-1-11


Finally – spring in New England, and National Poetry Month


April is always full of poetry events. This year is no exception. I try to list all the ones involving Moon Pie Press poets on the website at Here is a lovely poem about what sustains some of us through a long winter. It is by former Portland Poet Laureate Bruce Spang, whose latest book from Moon Pie Press is BOY AT THE SCREEN DOOR.


Minus fifteen degrees, even the thermometer on the deck
recoils under its lid. Like a man with a Bible in a bombed out building,

I unearth a Johnny’s Selected Seed catalog
in the mail. Fields of Allstar Gourmet Lettuce,

mottled rows of purple and green, spread
beneath bare feet of a girl who slices one head

after another like the Queen in Wonderland.
I twist the space heater dial to high and flip

to Amaranthus, with its ropes of deep red,
fold the page; find a new Echinacea, Pallida

with long slender purple petals, fold it.
Colors splash on my lap, yellow tomatoes,

blue aster, pink poppies, and on page
sixty-eight, skins of peppers glistening

as brightly as the snow did this afternoon,
yet sliced open like hearts. Look, there is

Joe Pye Weed that releases a vanilla scent.
Smell it. Write it. Fill in the order form.

Celebrate National Poetry Month!

calm poems

poetry month

April is National Poetry Month, and for poets, it is an unusually busy time with many readings and events on the schedule. Sometimes we feel that the other eleven months of the year, poetry is “chopped liver”, but then, let’s be real – for many people, poetry is never on their radar. I always hope that during April, people who are hostile or indifferent to poetry will attend a poetry reading or pick up a book of poems and be converted. I’ve seen it happen with reactions to the ferocious energy of slam poets, at open readings, to poetry on the radio, in buses, in classrooms, and on the page. Discard your ideas about poems based on whatever poetry was forced on you in school. Poetry doesn’t have to be puzzling, rhyming, abstract, ancient or dull. There is poetry out there to move anyone – funny, touching, revolutionary, classic, hiphop, ballads, sonnets, haiku, free verse – so many kinds of wonderful poems.